Ways to Overcome Morning Sickness

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Pregnancy is such a pleasant time in a woman’s life. However, this time has its shares of ups and downs. This includes the morning sickness that one may experience during the first trimester when the body is getting used to being pregnant. It can be a difficult time, but one will eventually get through. Here are some of the ways to overcome morning sickness to help you get through this period.

Use ginger

Ginger is well known for soothing the stomach and helps in getting rid of nausea. One should take a cup of ginger tea, or they may alternatively sip some flat ginger ale. If these do not appeal to you, one can opt to snack on crystalized ginger candy or gingerbread. This will help you get rid of nausea and vomiting.

Spread Your Eating Time

Some people skip meals when they are pregnant. An empty stomach worsens the morning sickness since the digestive juices are still released but have nothing to work on which makes nausea worse. One should ensure they eat several small meals during the day so that their blood sugars are optimum. Eating the three heavy meals on a day may make the digestive system find it hard to digest the food making one feel nauseous. Eat a light breakfast then snack on healthy snacks such as dried fruits and nuts.

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Staying Hydrated

Dehydration is a common trigger for nausea. Most people may find it difficult to take water since they cannot put anything down in their stomach. However, one will have to look for ways of retaining fluids in the stomach. One may eat salty snacks which will make them feel thirsty. Alternatively one may sip some cold or very hot beverages just to keep themselves hydrated.

Tracking When you are Getting Nauseated

One may experience nausea at different times of the day. This may be attributed to different factors. Some people experience it at certain times which can be triggered by the things done at those times. It is necessary for one to keep a diary. The diary should include the time one felt that way, the triggers if any and any other information that will be necessary. This will help them in identifying the things causing nausea and trying hard to avoid them if they can.

Types of Foods

Some foods are very good for helping in dealing with nausea. This includes the following food types; proteins, vitamin B such as nuts. One should also avoid acidic and spicy foods since they could trigger nausea.

Get Lots of Rest

Plenty of rest is recommended for the pregnant woman. Being stressed and tired can worsen nausea. One should take time to rest and relax whenever they can.

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Fresh Scents

Some unpleasant scents may trigger nausea. Some are pleasant like perfume, but to a pregnant woman, they may have an unpleasant smell. Morning sickness is sometimes scent triggered. Under such instances, one should ensure they get fresh air or sniff fresh scents like sniffing on a piece of lemon. The lemon slices may be added to water and taken when one feels nauseated.

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