How to Make Your Own Beer

Do you want to make your beer at home? This is a good idea. You are about to engage in a rewarding and wonderful task that is almost as old as humanity. You do not have to be intimidated by the process as many people do. Although a lot of people have been brewing beer, the basic process is the same. You need to more on this topic. In this post, you will learn about the home brewing equipment you require to get started.

Basic Brewing Process

home beer brewingYou should note that home brewing can be divided into various types: extract and all-grain. Sugars from malted grains are used. In all-grain brewing, a lot of steps are followed starting from obtaining sugars from milled grains. On the other hand, extract brewing uses ready-made malt extract. Thus, the process skips the sugar extraction processes. This process is ideal for new home brewers as it requires minimal beer equipment and procedures. Moreover, it produces quality beer.

Equipment Needed

Probably, you know a person who has converted his or her garage or basement into a professional brewery, full of kegs and shiny tanks, washing stations, welded pipework, fridges, and many more. However, you do not have to invest a fortune to get the right equipment needed to start making your beer. The right thing to do is to purchase a basic brewing kit. After this, you can add fancier gadgets. Some of the basic kits you need include airlock, hydrometer, gallons, bucket clip, bottle cleaning brush, thermometer, bottle cleaning brush, recipes, and home beer making booklet.


After getting the right equipment, you need to know the ingredients you require. The main ingredients include grains, hops, yeast, malt extract, and water.


modern beer brewingThese are flowers of the plant. Those obtained from the female plants are used to brew beer. They also contain alpha acids that increase the bitterness. Thus, if the alpha acid percentage is higher, the bitterness can contribute to the boil. They need to be boiled for over an hour to ensure their bitterness is released. The hops can also be added towards the end of the process to add color and aroma.


It is a good idea to use grains to give your beer the aroma, color, and body. Ensure you purchase your grains from a reliable shop. This is necessary to ensure that you get grains that are fresh and stored properly.

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