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Things to Do before an Adventure Boot Camp

How prepared are you for that fitness holiday you have been planning for months now? If one of your plans during the summer is to join an adventure boot camp, then you must do some preparations to get ready for the Action Sport Asia. Adventure tourism has been gaining popularity among people who want to travel and those who get a particular ‘high’ when doing some activities which are risky and physically challenging.

Adventure related sports activities include mountaineering, cycling, skiing, scuba diving, white water rafting, paragliding, and many others. Such activities may differ from one geographical area to another. When planning to go to the tropics like Thailand or the Philippines for some adventures, expect the activities to be centered on mountains and the wide blue sea.

So before boarding on the plane to your desired destination, here are some reminders that you should have done first.

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To fully enjoy all the activities that an adventure boot camp has lined up for you, you should be physically fit. To be physically fit, you should be doing something to beef up your muscles, bones and your heart. That means you should have started exercising way ahead before your departure. Watch your diet too so you will not lag behind in activities because you are carrying extra baggage with all those fatty deposits in your belly and extremities.

Take Food Supplements with You

Food may be a bit different in your travel destination. To have the food requirements your body needs, you should take some food supplements with you to give you energy for all the physical activities you will undergo. You may also need to have some medicines like pain relievers for joint and muscle pain, or you should go for some vaccines like anti-malaria or anti-dengue if you are headed for the tropics.

Acclimate Your Body First

Don’t go to the boot camp directly from your flight and start with the activities at once. Your body may need to adjust to the climate first. Go to your destination at least 48 hours before the camp will start. Discover the food. Some food may not be appropriate for your tummy, which can cause you much discomfort along the course of your adventure.

adventureBook in Advance

When joining an adventure camp, booking in advance will make sure that all details are ironed out. From the activities and equipment to the food and accommodation, you will know what to expect when you reach the place.

When you want to explore on your own, and you are going as a freelance backpacker, all the more that you should prepare in advance for your safety as well as for your utmost enjoyment.

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